Thursday, March 14, 2019

Blade and Bow - Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Distillery:  Stitzel-Weller, Louisville, KY
Price:  $49
Proof:  91
Bdawg says:  This bourbon is very light in color.  The initial taste was one note, strong dark burnt caramel, not complex at all.  A splash on the rocks both mellowed and sweetened it slightly.  

I enjoyed this bourbon with a Montecristo Nicaragua Series toro.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Rich's Cigar Store - Portland, OR

Location:  820 SW Alder St, Portland, OR 97205
Phone:  503-228-1700
Hours:  Mon-Fri 9am-7pm;  Sat 9am-6pm;  Sun 10am-5pm
Alcohol:  No
Selection:  moderate
Cigar prices:  low prices!
Bdawg says:  Portland is certainly not a very cigar friendly town (with few exceptions).  So I was happy to stumble upon this unique cigar store in downtown Portland.  (They actually have 2 locations downtown.  They have a long pipe and cigar accessories counter along one wall, and a cigar counter and small humidor along the other.  Along the third wall and filling the rest of the room are magazine racks.  Hundreds and hundreds of magazines on every topic from every local.  There is no seating.  (The owner does not want the homeless folks camping out in his store.)  But you can smoke in the store.  They actually encourage it.  So grab a local coffee on the street, pick out a cigar, light it up and peruse the many magazines in the shop.  
Magazines and a stogie!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Chamber at 9900 - Portland, OR

Location:  9900 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97225
Phone:  503-297-8325
Hours:  Sun-Thur 10am-11pm;  Fri-Sat 10am-12am
Alcohol:  Yes, Full bar
Selection:  very small 
Cigar prices:  average for a lounge
Bdawg says:  This old school cigar lounge is in an upstairs room in an old Shilo Inn.  It includes: several tables with leather chairs; a few sitting areas; a large bank of TV's and a nice sized bar.  The bar is full service and they served food from the restaurant downstairs.  The food is fantastic.  Patrons are welcome to bring their own cigars and their is no cutting fee.  This is a great place to hang out.  I would have given it a perfect score had it not been for the small cigar selection.  

Von Ebert Brewing - Portland, OR

Location:  131 NW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Phone:   503-820-7721
Hours:  Mon-Thur 11:30 am-10pm;  Fri 11:30am-12am;  Sat 9am-12am;  Sun 9 am-10pm
Selection:  about 12 beers on tap
Food:  Yes Pub food
Bdawg says:  This brewery is in the old Fat Heads brewery.  It looks and feels old and recycled.  Large old beer hall feel.  The beer is average.  Skip it.  

Top Left to right
Port Whiskey Cask Barleywine
11.4% abv,  65 IBU,  2.5 Hearts

Volatile Substance IPA
6.7% abv,  3 Hearts

Sabrage - Brut IPA
6.1% abv,  10 IBU,  3 Hearts

Bottom right
Atmospheric Phenomena - NE IPA
7% abv,  45 IBU  3 Hearts

Rogue Pearl Public House - Portland, OR

Location:  1339 NW Flanders St, Portland, OR 97209
Phone:   503-222-5910
Hours:  Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm;  Fri-Sat 11am-12am
Selection:  about 16 beers on tap
Food:  Yes Pub food
Bdawg says:  This brewery has been brewery renovated.  It has a modern, clean, yet a little too commercial (TGIF) vibe.  The beer is good though.  
Left to right
Out of Stock Pale Ale
6.4% abv,  69 IBU,  3 Hearts

Rogue Rouge
3 Hearts

Dead Guy Ale - Bock
6.8% abv,  40 IBU, 3.5 Hearts

Double Chocolate Stout (Imperial)
8.7% abv,  50 IBU,  3.5 Hearts

Punch - After Dinner

Strength:  medium full
Origins: Honduras
Wrapper:  USA Connecticut Broadleaf
Shape:  straight
Length:  7.25”
Ring size:  46
Approx. cost:  $6
Bdawg says:  This is Cigar Aficionado’s #12 Cigar of 2018.  And at only $6 a stick, it’s a great buy.  The wrapper is medium brown, oily and nicely constructed.  The draw is easy producing a light gray ash.  The flavor is  mocha coffee, cream and cashews.  The burn is slow and even.  

Stolen Spirits - Stolen Whiskey


Distillery:  St. Petersburg Distillery, St. Petersburg, FL
Price:  $40
Proof:  92
Mash bill:  81% corn,  15% Rye, 4% Malted Barley 
Bdawg says:  This whiskey light copper in color.  It is aged for 11 years in used Bourbon Barrels.  Smoked oak staves are added during a secondary barreling.  The resulting taste is ultra smooth, warm yet not biting, sweet with a creamy mouth feel.  Excellent.  

Click here for more information on Stolen Whiskey.

I enjoyed this whiskey with a Rocky Patel DecadeCameroon.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Nat Cicco - Aniversario 1965 Liga No. 4 - Churchill

Strength:  medium
Origins:  Nicaragua
Wrapper:  Ecuadorean Habano
Shape:  Box pressed, pigtail cap, closed foot
Length:  7”
Ring size:  52
Approx. cost:  $7.50
Bdawg says:  This was Cigar Aficionado’s #18 Cigar of 2018.  The wrapper is reddish brown and nicely constructed.  The draw is easy producing a gray ash.  The flavor is smooth, light cocoa, toast and Indian spices.  The burn was slow and even.  

Click here for more information on Nat Cicco cigars.

Cigar Exchange - Upland, CA

Location:  210 E A St, Upland, CA 91786
Phone:  951-699-1918
Hours:  Sun 12pm-5pm;  Mon 10am-7pm; Tues-Thur 10am-8pm;  Fri-Sat 10am-10pm
Alcohol:  Yes, draft beer, and wine
Selection:  moderate 
Cigar prices:  slightly pricey
Bdawg says:  The inside area includes a small humidor, a wine shop and a small bar serving craft beer.  You are not allowed to smoke inside, but you can bring your beer and cigar outside to their patio.  The patio will hold about 30 people, it is heated and has a llarge screen TV.  I visited on a Sunday afernoon and the regulars were friendly and chatty.

MBombay - Habano - Belicoso

Strength:  medium full
Origins:  Costa Rica
Wrapper:  Ecuadorean Habano
Shape:  Belicoso
Length:  5"
Ring size:  52
Approx. cost:  $8
Bdawg says:  This is a beautiful cigar.  The wrapper is medium brown, oily and well constructed.  The draw is easy producing a gray ash.  The flavor is creamy, caramel and Indian spices.  The burn was slow and even.

Click here for more information on MBombay Cigars.