My Humidor
One of my favorite things in life.  My 3000 count humidor 
keeps my cigars fresh and ready to be enjoyed!  All lit up
to make cigar selection easy! Note the big jar on the
floor for cigar labels.  And the Mini cigar store
Indian on the shelf.
 Mini Cigar Store Indians
Every cigar room needs a Cigar Store Indian!
Personalized Cigar Box
For Father's day, my daughter Abby, had a personalized cigar 
box made for me from Island Cigar Factory.  Pretty Cool!
Bobble Head
Punch Bobblehead and a Punch pic of me from The Big Smoke 2007.
Autographed Cigar Box
My Camacho - Mike Ditka Throwback cigar box,
with a cigar coffin signed by the Coach himself!
Cigar Scissors
I picked up these cool cigar scissors at Hardwicke's Pipe and Tobacco
in downtown Indy.  Now I can cut my cigars like the Europeans do!

Wall Art
Cigar art on the wall near my humidor.  The bottom 3 pics are from
places I have been.  The top 6 pics spell out CIGARS.
This mural is actually a vinyl decal which I bought on Amazon.
Easy to install and very, very cool!

My collage of the Great Michael Jordan done out of cigar wrappers.
Artist:  Alexander Gashunin
Lots of Cool Stuff!
Silver Cross Whiskey from Journeyman
This cool lighter was given to me as a gift for my
50th Birthday.  My parent's bought this for me in Naples,
Florida at Rocky Patel's - Burn (cigar lounge).


Cigar Shoes
Custom-made hand-painted cigar shoes by my daughter Abby.
See more of her work at
Table Top Cutter
What a great cigar toy to display on your bar.  This table top cutter allows for 4 different cuts.  Two sizes of regular cuts and 2 sizes of V cuts.  Simply place the cigar butt side down into your preferred hole (twss) and pull the lever.  It gives a nice clean cut and you'll never lose this cutter!

Big Stinky Ashtray
This is one of my favorite and most useful cigar accessories.  Most cigar ashtrays don't work very well as the cigars have to rest against the used ashes.  With the Big Stinky's deep bowl, your cigar rests high above the used debris.  Its 8" diameter and 4 stirrups make it perfect for parties!

Xicar Cutter
This is one of my favorite cigar accessories.  Sleek and sexy and it cuts a mean cigar!  A button release mechanism snaps the two super-hard stainless steel blades into the open position. Then smell a freshly cut cigar as you snap your XIKAR cutter into its locked position. The spring-loaded, double guillotine design gives the cutter feel and performance like no other.

Mine is the Xi3 Titanium F-2 Black.  It includes a life-time guaranty, and an eel skin cover.  Plus send it back anytime for free sharpening.  I have sent mine back twice now for sharpening.  They have sharpened it and sent it back to me within 10 days....Great! 

This is my new Xicar Titanium Spectra Cutter.  It has been coated with a high performance coating called Titanium Nitride, which now protects and stylizes the cutter. Used for many purposes, from aerospace equipment to jewelry, Titanium Nitride is a coating that creates an extremely durable exterior to the all stainless cutter. XIKAR's use of Titanium Nitride has created the multi-color eye-catching STS.

Max Benjamin - Mini Cigar Bar

All of this:   mini humidor, lighter, cutter, cigar wallet, corkscrew, tequila, 4 rocks glasses, insulated ice container...  Can fit into here...

It's a Cigar party in a bag baby!