"A cigar is as good as the memories that you have when you smoked it." - Raul Julia

Here are a few of my favorite cigar Memories!

Bdawg, the Abster and Beardy O'Quinn enjoying cigars during Barnstormer Winery's 5th Annual Red, White and Blues Fest on the Finger Lakes.

Celebrating Abby getting her masters from Nazareth College
with some cigars at Santiago Cigar Factory, Rochester, NY

Bdawg and Tommy ringing in the New Year 
with Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurados.  
Happy 2016!

Bdawg and Willy Herrera of  Drew Estate Cigars. 
At Angelina's Cigars

Enjoying a smoke at the beautiful Peaks of Otter lodge in the
Blue Ridge mountains on Easter Sunday weekend.

Bdawg at Rocky Patel's Burn in Naples, Fl

Enjoying a cigar at Long Ash in Ybor City, Florida.

Enjoying a Rocky Patel Edge while doing some
bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee in Florida.

BPatick and Bdawg visiting with Yanko Meceda (center) 
of Tabanero Cigars in Ybor City, Florida

Bdawg and Tommy ringing in the New Year
with Flor de las Antillas toros!
Happy 2014!

Enjoying a fine cigar and Macallan "Sienna" Scotch at Stogies in Montreal.

Enjoying a Cain F Torpedo while on vacation in Camden, Maine.

Bdawg tailgating at IU with Ellie and wifey!

Bdawg, Ellie, and Brock at Nicky Blaines in Indy.

Bdawg and BPatrick at Lasalle Gill, South Bend, IN

Bdawg:  Enjoying a Rocky Patel Edge for lunch.
At a secret spot in Northern Indiana.

Bdawg:  Enjoying a Rocky Patel - Edge - Maduro - Battalion near the
Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument on the circle in downtown Indy.

Ybor City (or as I like to call it, Heaven) is the historic cigar district of Tampa Bay. 
7th Ave is the hotspot.  It is populated with Cigar stores that roll their own stogies, 
college bars, and tatoo parlors.  It's January, 8 p.m., and 78 degrees. I'm sitting 
outside in my shirtsleeves enjoying a hand rolled robusto from Ybor City Cigars Plus.

Bdawg enjoying an AVO Heritage Series while on Christmas
Vacation on the beautiful Santa Cruz, CA coastline.

Bdawg taking a much needed break from from an Industry trade show 
and enjoying a Rocky Patel - Nording - Toro in downtown Louisville.

Bdawg enjoying an AKA Respect outside of
Notre Dame stadium, just before the ND vs. Purdue game!

Captain BDawg enjoying a Rocky Patel - Decade - 660,
aboard the 42' Sailboat, Balia, in Traverse City, MI

Bdawg:  6/30/12 My very own box of Alec Bradley - Prensado - Churchills arrived today! 
They were rated as the #1 cigar of the year for 2011 by Cigar AficionadoYeah Baby!

On a rooftop deck overlooking beautiful Coors field.  Enjoying an Old Henry and a Fat Tire on draft.  Waiting to watch the  Rockies take on the Nationals!

Sitting by a campfire enjoying Cuban Montecristo #2's and
Glenlivet 18 year scotch, with fellow afficiando's BPatrick and Mike C.

Bdawg and Tommy enjoy cigars at Schmohz Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI during The Great SW Michigan BEER RUN!

Bdawg enjoying a Rocky Patel Renaissance outside the Alamo!

3/17/11 Little Rock, Arkansas.  St. Patty's Day.  Bdawg enjoying a green cigar (Argyle Churchill with Candela wrapper)Watching IU take it to VCU.  Take that Shaka!
Bdawg: One of my favorite places to smoke a stogie.  Club Lasalle, South Bend, IN

Bdwag tailgating at IU football game.  Ellie (my daughter),
to my right, cannot believe her Dad is such a party animal!
Bdawg at the Blue Parrot.  San Diego, CA
Bdawg says Nice Ash!  Cain F60
Bdawg enjoying a Cuban Romeo and Juliet on a balcony in downtown Montreal.

Bdawg smoking a stogie in downtown Chi-town.  April 2010

Bdawg enjoys a Cohiba and Mojito.  Riviera Maya, Mexico!
Smitty, BDawg, and Tommy with the CAO girls.  Big Smoke Chicago 2007.
Bdawg in Jamaica!
Tommy and Bdawg enjoying cigars with their wives.  Big Smoke Chicago 2007.
Smitty, Tommy, and BDawg Labor Day 2001

BDawg and Kevin outside of Harry Carey's in Chicago.

Bdawg is at Caddagh Pub - Indy
Bdawg's wife, J.J., enjoys a Cuban (twss) on our private patio
while cruising the Caribbean.
Bdawg in Bar Harbor, Maine.  The Queen Mary in background.
Bdawg in Monterrey, CA
Bdawg on Highway 101 California Coast near San Francisco.
Bdawg says Peace on Earth!  Christmas day 2009.