Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Vegas - High Primings - Torpedo

Strength: Mild
Origins: Honduras
Wrapper: Sumatran
Shape: extreme torpedo
Length: 6"
Ring size: 54
Approx. cost: $4
Bdawg says: At its base, High Primings is the same blend as 5 Vegas Classic except they utilize the next primings up from the current blend. How does that affect the blend? The leaves higher on the plant offer much stronger, bolder flavors.

This cigar is pliable to the touch.  The wrapper is reddish brown veiny and well constructed.  This is a figurado.  The cap end comes to an extreme point.  The draw is easy.  The ash is fairly tight and white, gray.  The flavor is smooth, cool, and cedary.  The burn medium paced and even.  Very Nice!

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