Friday, August 3, 2012

Graycliff - Turbo

Strength: Medium
Origins: Bahamas
Wrapper: Habano
Shape: Straight
Length: 6"
Ring size: 60
Approx. cost: $3.50
Bdawg says:  A cigar made in the Bahamas?  How unique.  It is a big fat beautiful cigar.  I wish I would have liked it better. 

Slightly pliable.  A light golden brown slightly veiny well constructed wrapper.  An easy draw produces great volumes of billowy smoke.  The ash is tight and grayish white.  The flavor is very peppery.  Not harsh, but tiptoeing right up to the line.  The burn was slow but a little uneven.  One refire solved that problem.

Click here for more information on Graycliff Cigars.

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