Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cu-Avana - Punisher

Strength: Full
Origins: Nicaragua
Wrapper: ??
Shape:  Torpedo
Length: 6"
Ring size: 52
Approx. cost: $8
Bdawg says:  This has got to be one of the most unique cigars I have ever smoked. Some cigars have a sweetness added to the cap that you can taste slightly on your tongue. This cigar is just the opposite. Cu-Avana has actually added a chili powder hotness to the cap.  At the beginning of this smoke my lips were literally on fire! Kind of like eating hot wings. My lips actually went numb.
 I'm not really sure I liked it at first. I had to take sips of my whisky on the rocks hand hold the whisky against my lips to cool them off.  However; after just a few minutes the chili hotness of the wrapper wore off a little and the cigar became more pleasant to smoke. The flavor became smooth and creamy, with a spicy-hot finish. 

The wrapper was dark brown, oily, and well constructed. The draw was easy producing a gray-white ash. The burn was slow and even. My lips are still numb.  Wow!

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