Monday, May 6, 2013

Rocky Patel - Edge - Maduro - Battalion

Strength: Extra Full Bodied
Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Maduro
Shape: Straight
Length: 6"
Ring Size: 60
Approx. cost: $7
Bdawg says: Mark Twain said: "I pledged myself to smoke but one cigar a day. I kept the cigar waiting until bedtime, then I had a luxurious time with it. But desire persecuted me every day and all day long. I found myself hunting for larger cigars...within the month my cigar had grown to such proportions I could have used it as a crutch."   I think this is the cigar he was talking about!

The Edge is one of my all-time favorite "everyday" cigar brands. The wrapper is dark-brown and Cubanesque. The draw is perfect, creating big clouds of billowy smoke and a powdery white ash. The taste is bold but not overpowering, coffee and leather. the burn is mellow right down to the nub. And very consistent.  


I rated the Toro size of this cigar a 4.   I rate this cigar a 3.5 just because of the big ring gage. The amount of smoke with each puff is just a little overwhelming. 

Click here for more information on Rocky Patel cigars.

I enjoyed this cigar on a lovely day by the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument
on the circle in downtown Indy.

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