Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Liberty Craft Brewing - Liberty, ME

Liberty Craft Brewing
7 Coon Mountain Lane
Liberty, ME 04949
Phone:  207-589-3073
Hours:  Wed-Fri 5pm-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm, or by chance
Food: Pub burgers
Beer:  about 6 beers on tap
Bdawg says:  It was A beautiful Sunday afternoon near Camden Maine.  My daughter had just graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University of Maine in Orono.  We were traveling the Maine countryside celebrating by taking in some wineries and any breweries we could find.  We stumbled upon Liberty Craft Brewing.  A neat looking a frame garage with the brewery below and a tap room and tasting deck on the second floor.  Unfortunately it was closed.  Fortunately the owner was working in the brewery and let us up stairs and served us some beer.   Very nice of him.  It was a small tap room above the brewery with a few small tables.  It opened up onto a very nice deck overlooking the Camden hills.  Really cool atmosphere.

Although the owner was very nice to serve us, and the brewery was very neat, I must say I did not like his beer.  I have a saying, "There is no bad beer, only better beer".  And most of the time it is true.  So far I have only been proven wrong 2 times... Iechyd Da's Rasberry Saison and Evil Czech's Dacula's Bite.  I just found 2 more bad beers.

Left to right
St. George Golden Pilsner
Bdawg says:  A very soapy, cleanser, chemically taste.  0.5 Hearts

Tunk Spruce Ale
A double IPA with hints of spruce.
Bdawg says:  same soapy, cleanser taste.  So much so that I had
the owner taste it.  He thought it was fine.  1 heart

Chupacabra XXX IPA
2.5 Hearts
JBird and the Abster enjoying fresh beers on the
upper deck porch overlooking the Camden Hills

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