Monday, June 8, 2015

Beer Factory - St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Location:  16 Rayborn Crescent, St Albert, AB T8N 4B1, Canada
Phone:  780-459-2204
Hours:   Mon-Sat 11am-10pm
Selection:  about 8 beers on tap
Food:  yes.  elevated pub food
Bdawg says: There are not a lot of craft breweries in Canada.  Luckily, I was able to find this gem on a business trip.  It was formerly known as Hog's Head Brewery.  It has just been open for about 8 months so they are still working on their facilities.  The tap room is connected to the garage like brewery.   And they are brewing up some tasty brews.  Plus their food is terrific.  They also serve flavored "moonshine" on tap.  Which they buy from a local distiller and dilute it down to 7% abv.  Not a fan, but the ladies seem to like it.

Alimony Red Ale 5% 3.5 Hearts
Hop Slayer IPA 7% 3.5 Hearts
Sherlock's Lager 5% 3 Hearts
Chocolate Stout 5% 3.5 Hearts
Clockwort Orange Wheat 5% 2.5 Hearts

Hogs Breath - unfiltered IPA 7% 3.5 Hearts
Death by Pumpkin 5.5% 2.5 Hearts
Boss Hog - Oatmeal IPA 3.5 Hearts
Apple Pie - Moonshine 7% 2 Hearts
Cherry Pie - Moonshine. 7% 1.5 Hearts
Beers that were on tap when I visited.

I had the pulled pirogis with sausage hash.  Delicious!

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