Monday, September 14, 2015

Steam Plant Brewing Co. - Spokane, WA

Location:  159 S. LICOLN, SPOKANE, WA 99201
Phone:  (509) 777-3900
Hours:    Sun-Thurs 3pm-10pm;  Fri-Sat 3pm-11pm
Selection:  about 8 beers on tap
Food:  Yes.  A full steakhouse menu.
Bdawg says: I rated this place a 3 because the facilities are simply amazing.  If you're ever near Spokane, you must visit Steam Plant.  More of a huge steakhouse than a brewery, But they do brew their own beers on the premises.  
First here are my thought on the 3 beers I tried:
Bdawg says:  Weak
2.5 Hearts
Firefox IPA
Bdawg says:  Too light

2.5 Hearts
Cutter's Pale Ale
Bdawg says: Eh.

2 Hearts
The large stacks can be seen from everywhere in Spokane.
Originally used to burn coal to generate the steam which
powered the generators.
Pictures cannot capture the essence of this place.
You will just have to visit it to take it all in.  

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