Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Quesada - Oktoberfest 2015 - Kaiser Ludwig

Strength:  medium
Origins:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  Dominican Cibao
Shape:  box pressed
Length:  6"
Ring size:  49
Approx. cost:  $8.50
Bdawg says:  This is a limited seasonal cigar designed to be released during Oktoberfest (of beer fame).  The wrapper is medium brown and a little sloppy on the construction.  The draw is easy producing a powdery white ash.  The flavor started out creamy and nutty, nice.  Unfortunately I had to keep puffing on this cigar constantly to keep it lit.  It went out a couple times.  It seemed to be properly humidified.  If anything, it leaned slightly to the dry side.  The couple of relights and the constant puffing turned this cigar harsh in a hurry.  Not a very enjoyable experience.

That is unfortunate because I had a great beer to pair with it, North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin.    And I was enjoying it in the outside patio of one of my favorite cigar bars, Fox Cigar Bar in Phoenix, AZ.

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