Sunday, March 25, 2018

NW Indiana Beer March!

NW Indiana Beer March!

On March 24th, 2018, three leaders of the Beer drinking movement;  Bdawg, Tommy, and Smitty set out on a march through the mean streets of NW Indiana.  Opposition was everywhere.  The journey was long (19.7 miles) and arduous, but our 3 leaders prevailed.  Tasting beer and documenting 6 breweries in NW Indiana.  Here are their notes from that historic day....

STOP #1  18th Street Brewery - Hammond, IN
Beer:  4  out of 4
Atmosphere:  3.5

Notes:  Some of the best beer I have had.  consistently good throughout all styles. 
Excellent.  We will be back!
Favorite Beers:  Bait and Click DIPA, Boujee Juice DIPA, Sex and Candy IPA

STOP #2  3 Floyd's Brewing Co.  - Munster, IN
Beer:  4  
Atmosphere:  3
Notes:  Busy, loud, brew pub.  Fantastic beer!  Looking forward to their expansion.
Favorite Beers:  Gumball Head Wheat Beer, Zombie Dust DIPA, Permanent Funeral DIPA 

STOP #3  Wildrose Brewing Co.  - Griffith, IN
Beer:  3
Atmosphere:  3
Notes:  Small local joint.  They had a couple bright spots in their beer selection
Favorite Beers:  Big Sexy Pale ale, These Nuts Peanut Butter Porter

STOP #4  New Oberpfalz Brewing  - Griffith, IN
Beer:  3.5
Atmosphere:  3
Notes:  Actually quite nice inside.  And beers are quite good. 
They specialize in German ales and lagers.

STOP #5  Pokro Brewing Co- Griffith, IN 
Beer:  2.5 
Atmosphere:  2.5
Notes:  Meh. A fairly large place that was totally empty on a Saturday afternoon. 
Nuff said.

STOP #6  Byway Brewing - Hammond, IN  
Beer:  3 
Atmosphere:  3
Notes:  Very modern, beautiful facilities.  A little too commercial for me. 

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