Thursday, March 1, 2018

Snow Eagle Brewing - Idaho Falls, ID

Location:  455 River Pkwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Phone:   (509) 205-2876
Hours:  Mon-Sat 11am-10pm;  closed Sunday
Selection:  about 8 beers on tap (I had them all!)
Food:  yes,  pub food and sushi!
Bdawg says:   This place advertises itself as "Snow Eagle Brewing and Grill/Wasabi Japaneze Restaurant and Sushi bar".  WHAT??   That's the problem with this place.  Instead of doing one or two things well, it is trying to be too much.  This is all is one large room with no separation.  The same bartender/waiter that serves you the beer and pub food also serves you the sushi.  

I must say, I like sushi.  I like beer.  OK I'll give it a try.  Unfortunately the sushi chef was not available and they were not serving sushi when I was there.  COME ON!!!  I had to settle for just OK pub food and just OK beer.  (I am guessing the the sushi would have been "just OK" as well.)  

Left to right
Ty's Summer Cream Ale
4.6% abv,  3 Hearts

Snow Eagle IPA
6.2% abv,  3 Hearts

Beaver Dick Brown Pelt Ale
5.8% abv,  3 Hearts

Floor View Imperial IPA
10.1% abv,  3 Hearts

Airtight Triple Citrus IPA
11.1% abv,  3 Hearts

Easy Gose It
4.9% abv,  3 Hearts

Backwater Bourbon Barrel Porter
7.1% abv,  3 Hearts

Inside the tap room/restaurant/sushi bar.

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