Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Hop Lot Brewing - Suttons Bay, MI

Location:  658 S W Bay Shore Dr, Suttons Bay, MI 49682
Phone:   231-866-4445

Hours:  Mon-Thur noon-9pm;  Sun noon-8:30
Selection:  about 8 beers on tap
Food:  Yes, bbq, tacos salads
Bdawg says:  Let's get this straight, I rate breweries mostly on how good the beer is.  The beer at Hop Lot is just OK (2.5 to 3 hearts).  The food is good (3.5 hearts).  The atmosphere is fantastic (4 hearts)!

This medium sized brewery includes a taproom with very minimal seating and a large, sprawling, beautiful outdoor beer garden.  The vibe is hip, friendly and vacation like.  This is defiantly a destination brewery.  I only wish there beer was better.  

Inside the taproom standing in line to order beer and food.  Several lines, so they are pretty quick.  Pick up the beer when you order.  You get a buzzer when you order the food and pick it up outside when the buzzer rings.  They have the system down tight.  There is very, very, limited inside seating.    

Enjoying beer and food in the sprawling beer garden.

The brewery.

Beer garden includes several seating areas and a stage for live music.  

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