Monday, June 11, 2012

Illusione - Epernay - La Vie

Strength: medium
Origins: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Cafe Rosado Corojo
Shape: box pressed
Length: 6.75"
Ring size: 54
Approx cost: $12
Cigar Aficianado Rating: 91
Bdawg says: Named after the heart of France's champagne region. The "Le Taureau" size of this cigar was Cigar Aficionado's #3 cigar of 2011. What a beautiful cigar. A light brown red wrapper speckled with black. It is a very pliable cigar.  The draw is easy, producing a long tight salt and pepper ash. The flavor complex mellow and smooth. Lightly nutty, slightly tangy and slightly sweet. The aroma of this cigar is ultra-pleasant. The the burn, slow and even. A PERFECT CIGAR! 

Interesting note: this cigar was designed to be enjoyed with an elegant French Champagne. I smoked it with a Modelo tall boy that I purchased at the nearby gas station (on a business trip). Such is the life of a traveling salesman.  I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

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