Friday, July 27, 2012

Carlos Torano - Single Region - Jalapa - Toro Grande

Strength:  Medium
Origins: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Criollo
Shape: Straight
Length: 6"
Ring size: 54
Approx. cost: $6
Cigar Aficionado Rating:  90
Bdawg says:  The tag line Carlos Torano's Single Region Series Cigars is "One Region, One Farm, One Fine Cigar".  What makes this cigar unique is that it is is made entirely from tobaccos grown in the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua.  The wrapper and filler leaves are all from the El Estero Farm. 

The cigar is very supple and pliable.  The medium brown wrapper is oily and appears well constructed.  The draw is easy producing a good amount of smoke.  The ash is a dirty black/grey.  The flavor is smooth and woody.  The one major problem I had with this cigar is that, although it burned even, it also burned very fast.  Not a harsh burn, just a fast burn.  I would have rated this cigar a 1/2 heart higher if the burn was slower.

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