Wednesday, October 10, 2012

20 Minutes in Detroit - Grand Circus Park

Strength: mild-medium
Origins: Detroit, MI, USA
Wrapper: ??
Shape: straight
Length: 6"
Ring size: 66
Approx. cost: $7
Bdawg says: While on a business trip in Detroit (Plymouth), I visited a local cigar lounge called La Casa de Habana. It was not a very friendly place (most cigar bars are very friendly places). They were a little overpriced, but they had a unique selection of cigars. "20 Minutes in Detroit" is there house blend. It got its name because the brand specialized in shorter 4" sizes that you could smoke in 20 minutes.

This is a monstrously large cigar. The wrapper is medium brown, oily, wrinkly, and veiny. The draw is easy. The ash is dirty gray and long. The flavor is overly sweet and one dimensional. The burn was slow and uneven at first. A quick touch up fixed the problem. I would not buy this cigar again.

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